The SimHealth Group works through all phases of simulation facility design and construction. Our design consultants work collaboratively with architects, users, and key stakeholders to ensure that the owner's vision is translated to where form meets function. We bring to the table years of experience not only in design but also in the actual application of simulation-based training, education, assessment, and research. We have participated in the design of over 30 simulation facilities worldwide including facilities as small as 1,500 sq. feet to the three largest in the world – 125,000 to 250,000 sq. feet

We are dedicated to promoting simulation facility designs that further the pedagogy of healthcare education in a cost and time effect manner. Our principals were each integral in the evolution and creation of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare accreditation and certification standards. We are also intimately familiar with ACS and ASA accreditation standards. Our solutions bring best-accepted practice to provide clients with meaningful and personalized solutions.


"Our approach is methodical and goes beyond the superficial to also include flow, key adjacencies and support infrastructure. Simulation facilities are a true amalgamation of the clinical, theatrical, and educational environments"