SimHealth Group offers a wide range of program development and business planning services to organizations from all sectors, public and private, including health systems, education and governmental agencies.  We will also work with pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to implement and develop their simulation programs.

Simulation can be a costly endeavor without thoughtful strategy, planning, and implementation. Our consultants are the primary authors of several seminal peer-reviewed articles on simulation program development and planning.

Our comprehensive program development and business planning services include:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Business Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Project management
  • Implementation

Business and operational planning is an integral component for program approval, funding and sustainability. The SimHealth Group has proven expertise in assisting organizations implement their simulation program. Our team of consultants will facilitate the development of detailed business and operational plans that address:


Organization Description


Financial Modeling and Planning

Capitol needs and planning.
Operation budget development.
Sustainability plan.

Market/Risk Analysis and Risk Mitigation Planning

Opportunity and threat analysis.
Strengths and weakness evaluation.
Competitive position analysis.

Development of Governance Models

Strategic decision making.
Organizational decision making.
Operational day to day decision making.

Policy and procedure Development

Personnel forecasting, hiring, and training

Equipment Planning

Phased implementation planning

Timeline and deliverables development

Communication strategies

Project management



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